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For any company to be successful, it is essential to have a well-coordinated and efficient team in place. At Suzhou Forrui Trade Co., Ltd., we understand the importance of having a solid team of professionals to run our business effectively, and that is why we have invested heavily in building one.

Our team comprises of talented individuals, each with a unique set of skills and expertise. From our research and development team to the financial department, every one of our team members contributes significantly to the success of our business.

Research and Development Team

Our research and development team is responsible for developing new products and improving existing ones. This team is composed of creative individuals who are always researching new trends and exploring innovative ideas to keep our products competitive. They also collaborate with other departments to ensure that every product we release meets the needs of our customers.

Purchase Department

The purchase department is responsible for sourcing quality raw materials and ensuring that there is enough stock to meet customer demand. They work with suppliers to negotiate pricing and deals, ensuring that we get the best value for our money. They also maintain a rigorous quality control process to ensure that any raw materials used in our products are up to our standards.

Production Department

Our production department is responsible for manufacturing our products. This team of skilled workers ensures that every step of the manufacturing process is carried out efficiently and that the finished products meet our strict quality standards. They work closely with the purchase department to ensure that there is always enough raw materials to keep up with production.

Quality Control Department

The quality control department is responsible for inspecting every product that we manufacture. They ensure that every product meets our standards for quality, safety, and performance. They work closely with the production department, providing feedback and recommendations to ensure that our products are always of the highest quality.

Sales Department

Our sales department is responsible for marketing and selling our products. They work closely with our customers, maintaining relationships and providing excellent customer service. They are constantly researching new sales channels and opportunities to ensure that our products reach the widest possible audience.

Financial Department

The financial department oversees our company's finances. They ensure that we are always operating within our budget and that all financial transactions are recorded accurately. They also create financial reports and budgets, providing valuable insights that help us make better business decisions.


Our warehouse is responsible for storing and distributing our products. They work closely with every department to ensure that products are handled appropriately and that they are always in stock and ready to ship to our customers.

In conclusion, at Suzhou Forrui Trade Co., Ltd., we have a dynamic and talented team of professionals who are dedicated to the success of our business. Investing in a strong team is crucial to achieving success in any company, and we are grateful to have such a fantastic team supporting us. We believe that our team is what sets us apart and makes us a leader in the pet products and promotion products sectors in China.
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