Pet Squeaky Ball and Rope toys

Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy with Squeaky Ball and Rope, Food Dispensing Ball, Water Floating Toy, Molar Teeth Cleaning Toy, Aggressive Chewers Puzzle Toy Ball for Puppy Treat

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Product Pet Squeaky Ball and Rope toys
Item No.: F01150300005
Material: TPR/ Cotton
Dimension: 4.25*4.21*4.29 inch
Weight: 7.05 oz
Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, customized
Package: Polybag, Color box, customized
MOQ: 500pcs
Payment: T/T, Paypal
Terms of Shipment: FOB, EXW, CIF, DDP



  • 【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL DOG TOY】 This is a multi-functional dog toy that can be used as a squeaky toy, a food dispensing toy, a teeth grinding toy, and a bouncing toy, and it comes with a dog bite cotton rope. And there are multiple molars that can fully protect dog's dental health. This toy can bring multiple use experiences to dogs.
  • 【SQUEAKY PET TOY】There is a sounding device at the bottom of the product. When the dog bites and plays with this product, it can make a squeak to attract the dog's attention and increase the dog's interest in playing. Dog food, diced meat, snacks, etc, can be placed directly on the upper part of this product. in the process of fiddle, push, and play with the toy, the dog can get dog food or snacks through the leaking hole. This product allows the dog to obtain rewards through his own efforts.
  • 【WATER FLOATING TOY】] This product can be directly thrown into the water when the dog is out for swimming or bathing. Due to the particularity of the product material -TRP material, this toy can float on the water, which can effectively distract the dog and make it more time-saving .effortless for the owner to take care of the dog, so the owner has nothing to worry about.
  • 【TEETH CLEANING TOY】The surface of the toy has molar bumps in different sizes and intensities, which are arranged vertically and horizontally, When the dog bites the toy .it can remove tartar and other dog food residue, snack residue by rubbing the teeth against the teeth, protect the dog's oral heath. This product is suitable for household pet dogs and working dogs of various sizes.
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